DYOC- Design Your Own Collection. Now you can design your own collection by giving us idea or theme you want to work on for shoes, dresses, bags or other fashion products. Lajwanti Designers have special skilled team who can work with you to create new and unique products for your company.


We can help you in creating your own brand name. We can also suggest you name, logo, color scheme, packing and labeling of your products and brand.


We find inspiration whether it‘s on the street, on a journey or on the run. Our design teams are constantly working to redefine the way clothing and footwear transforms the future pitch, court or course. Driven by emotion and form we consider the process of designing products as a lot more than just sketching.

Our designers love the feeling of discovery when they invent shapes, materials and function. When we create a product that makes our hearts beat faster, we know we’re onto something. You know that feeling?

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