Franchising Lajwanti Designers

Lajwanti Designers is currently supplying in more than 34 countries. In order to maintain the exclusive nature of product and rising demand of growing brand name we are introducing our franchises all over the world.

Lajwanti Designers’s head office will directly supply the brand’s complete product range on wholesale prices, develop new products and designs for all the seasons, compile new catalogues and fashion shoots and generate marketing initiatives.

Lajwanti Designers seeks franchisees with at least US$50 – US$100K to invest in stocking and working capital requirement for their own franchised Lajwanti Designers Store.

The franchisee is expected to bring their sales and management skills, commitment to the Lajwanti Designers customer experience, motivation, resources and local knowledge. Lajwanti Designers franchise package includes initial and ongoing training and knowledge, business advice, effective sales and marketing programs.

Lajwanti Designer World’s Winning Team Approach

Franchise fee:

Franchise fee for the opening the show room of Lajwanti Designers will be 10,000 USD in first year and in every subsequent years 5000 USD/ year. The contract will be valid for 5 years from the date of agreement and will be renewable on mutual consent of both parties.

Reasonable Start-Up Costs:

Our showroom investment is designed to be low. It costs as little as $40,000 – 50,000 for a fully operational store, plus working capital about $25,000 – $30,000.

Store Design and Construction:

Your entire store arrives in graphical form. We call it a “store-in-a-pack”. After you sign your lease and the exact layout of your store is finalized, the entire contents of your store, including store fixture in 3D form will be posted to you so that you can start constructing your Lajwanti Designers store. We’ll also post you marketing material allowing you more time to create hype your business. This unique approach to store build-out and marketing hype helps keep your costs low while helping to get you open quickly.

Advertising & Effective Sales Programs:

We will also help you how to spend your marketing budget most efficiently, saving you considerable money and increasing your revenues. Plus we will supply you with marketing materials including, hand-out flyers, banners, billboards, catalogue, promotional Social Ads ,etc. . In addition, we have a marketing department of highly skilled people who will create the marketing ideas based upon the market and country you are opening the store.

Marketing team visits once in year to check the latest trends in the market and provide the franchise holder with free samples of the newly developed models based upon latest trends in European fashion and local market needs.


You won’t need any previous business experience to open a Lajwanti Designers store. We will be providing you with a comprehensive initial training and ongoing operations and marketing support including the best to advertise and how to make realistic estimates of retail prices.


We will back you with the full support for selection of styles and sizes based upon our experience and strong demand of products. We offer a very great option to our franchise holders that are on every expected seasonal change and occasion, we supply them with a range of styles to display in their store and gather opinion, so as they know what the customer is expecting for upcoming season or occasion.

Store Size & Location Attributes:

We are looking for typical locations. Ideally, your Lajwanti Designers World franchise store will be located in a shopping center and parade nearby supermarkets, newsagents, popular video stores, jewelers’ shops, high fashion high end boutiques, health and beauty care centers and other national chains with convenient parking. Minimum requirements include:

  • Spacious place for easy decoration and display
  • A wide frontage to have good glass window displays.
  • Located in a highly visible shopping center
  • Co-tenants include national chains
  • Easily accessible with parking at the storefront


Number of employees needed to run a franchised unit: 3 to 5

Wholesale Option:

Being a franchise holder of Lajwanti Designers, we will refer you the buyers from your state and country that are interested to buy in whole sale. So you can act as a stockiest and can enjoy wholesale profits as well.

Are you ready to get started?

Simply email us your business info and other details such as available capital to invest, investment timeframe, and preference franchise location and we will get in touch with you to answer your questions and discuss next steps. Or, if you prefer, please feel free to call us

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